Our Story

Guide and Grow Daycare is an inspiration/vision that emerged in the mind of a Computer Engineer turned Childcare Provider, Madiha Nasri when she was at home fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother while working at the same time. Being professionally involved with children every day, Madiha realized a need for a quality STEM program for young minds to get them fully equipped with 21st-century skills. She wanted to design a constant series of activities to involve children’s learning through play and to help them get ready for the challenging world around them.

Her focus was to incorporate her Professional Engineering approach into early years education in order to develop strong connections in young minds through a specially designed STEM curriculum. Children learn through exploring their surroundings. The main idea is to provide them with enough time and necessary equipment in order to bring in deeper curiosity and imagination alongside the identification of various objects and systems they encounter in their daily routine.

People often wonder: how can young children get themselves involved in science and technology? Well, science is everywhere! Science is an important part of our everyday life. When the wheels of the car are moving and taking us from one place to another when we are blowing bubbles with soapy water when we are throwing a ball and it goes all the way up and comes down — this is all science! Building bridges and tall towers out of lego and Duplo blocks are also common things that involve science and engineering.

Encouraging young children and letting them have the courage to work on their imaginations and designs will help them create their own masterpieces and develop essential 21st-century skills.

Our team of highly qualified ECEs is working endlessly to design special programs for young minds, providing them a learning space to polish themselves! Join us and be a part of the amazing Revolution in Early Childhood Development!!

Our Mission

Guide and Grow Daycare Centre strives to provide exceptional child care where children  can grow in a safe and nurturing environment, fully equipped with 21st century skills. We design fun and engaging activities to make sure children enjoy their STEM learning experience during their most important early years. We build and mentor young, confident minds and prepare them to be a part of our fast developing world, letting them open gates to endless opportunities for their future!